We are thrilled to share that the partners of the COMANAGE project recently gathered in the beautiful city of Athens, Greece, from 28th to 30th June. This gathering marked the occasion of our annual meeting and the training of hub managers for the three pilot areas. The focus of the training was on systemic tools, approaches, and exploring ways for enhanced collaboration among the stakeholders.

This collaborative effort has played a crucial role in driving progress and shaping innovative solutions that will significantly contribute to the growth and long-term success of energy communities in Barcelona, Lazio, and Krakow.

To dive deeper into the exciting developments of the COMANAGE project, we invite you to visit the program’s website at https://comanage.spindoxlabs.com/.

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Joining forces with esteemed organizations such as Ecoserveis, Aisfor srl, ANESE, Metropolis, Spindox Labs, REVOLVE, Anci Lazio, Kraków Metropolitan Area, and Àrea Metropolitana de Barcelona (AMB), we are reshaping the energy community landscape.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates as we continue to make strides in our mission!

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